August 28, 2016

Projects & Programs

Early Disability Phone Directory

The Egyptian Early Disability Phone Directory, is a Database that Zayee Zayak is building, and developing, to connect Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Support Teachers, Training Centers, and families with kids with Disabilities.

If you’re looking for a Directory that connects you to all the available services for persons with disabilities in Egypt, you are just at the right place.


Early Detection Program (EDP)

The Program’s goal is to enhance the knowledge of Doctors (gynecologists), to increase the awareness of parents, and caregivers of newly born babies, to detect disabilities at its very early stages, in order to provide the child with the necessary training, that enrich the child’s mental & developmental Skills, such as; Cognitive Skills, Gross Motor Skills, and fine Motor Skills.


Early Intervention Program (EIP)

After many years of using and studying the various International leading assessments tools, , Zayee zayak has decided to create an innovative new tool that can best serve the needs of our Society , while using attainable materials in our communities.

Our plan was supported by the thousands of hours that our experts have experienced in the field of early intervention, and our new tool was created in the framework inspired by the curriculums of the  Globally Leading Approaches in the field of Education and Early Intervention ( namely the Carolina curriculum, HELP, Portage, the Montessori approach, and the Steiner approach )


Inclusive Educational Program

Zayee Zayak – The Egyptian Association for the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities” aims to include all persons with disabilities, in all the Egyptian Academic Institutions (Schools, Institutions, Universities, etc…) as part of their right to learn and develop.


Individual Educational Program (IEP)

IEP Individual Educational Program, is a training program customized for children with disabilities, based on an assessment test, that the kid passes through, in order to identify the necessary, training and focus points where the child needs to improve at.


Family Support Program

Zayee Zayak, is running Several Family Support groups on Social Media Platforms such as (Facebook, What’s App). the groups are designed so that the caregivers share their experiences with one another, as well as to spread knowledge among all the society.


Work & Pension Program

Zayee Zayak works closely, with corporations, that  is adopting, the inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as it working on increasing the awareness of those that have not yet chosen to adopt such a strategy and idea.


Awareness Programs

The Awareness Programs that Zayee Zayak, is doing, aims to bring the attention of the Egyptian Society towards the needs of persons with disabilities.


Help a Family

Help a family, save lives.