October 4, 2016

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Project

The “Early Intervention”  is recognized  across the globe as a federal program that originated in the 1975- Education of All Handicapped Children Act. It is also part of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).  The Concept of  an “Early Childhood Intervention”  is to provide a support system and an educational curriculum for children (aged birth to 6 years) who suffer from developmental and mental disabilities or delays and other disabilities.


The goal of such an intervention is :

  • To assess the children’s mental and developmental abilities ( through identifying the level of their skills )
  • To provide the Egyptian families and professionals with the necessary tools to develop the skills of their children in the areas where they fall behind.
  • Ultimately, is to help the children to reach their potentials, through maximizing their physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and self-help developmental skills.


How our Program is developed ?

After many years of using and studying the various International leading assessments tools, , Zayee zayak has decided to create an innovative new tool that can best serve the needs of our Society , while using attainable materials in our communities.

Our plan was supported by the thousands of hours that our experts have experienced in the field of early intervention, and our new tool was created in the framework inspired by the curriculums of the  Globally Leading Approaches in the field of Education and Early Intervention ( namely the Carolina curriculum, HELP, Portage, the Montessori approach, and the Steiner approach )


The Early Intervention Guide and Assessment tool is the first “Egyptian Interactive Early Intervention Tool & Platform”  for parents who have children with disabilities or teachers who work with those children.