August 28, 2016

About Us

Introducing “Zayee Zayak” Association:

“Zayee Zayak” is an Egyptian Non-Governmental, Non-Profitable Neutral Association, specialized in the field of empowering & including People with Disabilities and supporting their rights in the Egyptian society by working on the integration of all the stakeholders and necessary elements to provide people with disabilities a fair, safe and healthy life, and involve them as an integral inseparable part of the nation and the Egyptian society.

Activities and programs of the Founders of the organization began in 2006 through the Down syndrome support group which consistently provided families with supporting and training teachers, qualifying and training family members, and exchange experiences and providing moral support. Zayee Zayak was then officially created in 2015 and published under No. 9807 for the year 2015 and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt and the Egyptian Accountability State Authority. ”Zayee Zayak” cooperates with all stakeholders, partners and individuals who care for and support the rights of people with disabilities as an integral inseparable part of the Nation and the Egyptian society. The word “Zayee Zayak” in Egyptian slang means “We are all the same”.

 Vision & Mission


Towards an inclusive, empowering, and a fair life, for people with disabilities by 2030, within a conscious and an aware society and nation, that supports the rights of people with disabilities.


Developing and qualifying cadres involved in dealing directly with people with disabilities to ensure a fair, safe and healthy life for them, and the providing professional and continuous programs in order to empower people with disabilities and spread awareness in the society, aiming to accept differences, without discrimination, under a nation that supports their rights, and achieve the best individual potential for people with disabilities.

 Founders, Board of Trustees, and the Working Team:

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is consisted of founders that volunteer their time to supervise and to provide their professional experience for the development of all the programs and activities of the Foundation, and their responsibilities include the strategic vision of the institution, assisting in selecting and monitoring the implementation of all the various programs, taking into consideration all the legal and ethical regulations.

Working Team & Volunteering Experiences

A number of experts are currently working on a regular basis, and particularly in the following fields:

Strategic Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Human Resources Management, Quality Management, TV & Photography shooting, I.T. and Social Media Experts, Market Research, Support Teachers Qualifiers, Specialized Doctors and Surgeons in different fields, in addition to the 10 supervisors in charge of the FSP (Family Support Programs).


 The Life Journey of People with disabilities and their Needs.

The Needs of Persons with disabilities starts from their birth, and according to these needs Zayee Zayak aims to train, support and spread awareness among all the stakeholders that play a primarily and an essential role in the life of persons with disabilities as follows:

  •  Early Detection Program (EDP): Create an Early Detection Program for disabilities, right at the first medical check for the born child, and through series of medical checks of the child’s early ages and at vaccination periods. (In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the training of Doctors in Medical Units and practicing doctors).
  •  Early Intervention Program (EIP): Create an Early Intervention Program (Train Specialists on how to evaluate Children with Disabilities and follow the progresses they achieve through workshops and training curricular)
  •  Family Support Program (FSP): Create and Establish a Family Support Program to ensure the efficiency and the continuation of the EDP and EIP for children with disabilities (through workshops and the training of family members and providing the necessary information and knowledge for all the family members, and setting the role of each family member)
  •  Inclusion Program (IP): Establish an Inclusion Program to ensure the Inclusion of children with disabilities in schools (Through a professional and a certified curricula in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, to train and certify Support and Shadow Teachers for an Academic interaction with children with disabilities)
  •  Doctor’s Training Program (DTP): To establish and implement a Doctor’s Training Program to ensure providing the necessary medical treatment and services for children with disabilities according to their needs.
  •  Community Acceptance: To ensure a community acceptance of children with disabilities and their individual abilities, and support their rights of enjoying a fair and a safe life. (Through Awareness Campaigns)
  •  Disability Organizations Network (DON): Cooperate, support, and train personnel working in organizations that provide services to families that have persons with disabilities ( Through Awareness campaigns, training programs, and the exchange of knowledge and experience)
  • Employment Opportunities: Provide Fair Employment Opportunities as one of the rights of Persons with disabilities (through cooperation Protocols, and spreading awareness among all available institutions)

Provide a Safe, Healthy and a Fair life: By making a change in cultures and establishing the concept of accepting differences without discrimination, inequality or favoritism)